Pumpkin Festival Programme

Venzone, 4th weekend of October


13.00: Taverns open
15.00: Medieval arts and crafts’ exhibitions along the streets of the walled town
16.00: Opening of shows and entertainments in the old town centre
17.30: “Cucurbita felix in taberna”, medieval evening in the taverns of the centre liven up by musicians, jugglers and story-tellers; tasting of pumpkin dishes
21.00: Shows by jugglers and fire-eaters in courtyards and streets
23.00: Taverns close


10.00: Pumpkin exhibition and contest with awards to the heaviest, the longest, the best decorated; special awards to the best carved and decorated by children.
11.30: Welcoming ceremony for the arrival of the representatives from Preding (A), Starse (SLO), Reggiolo and Mantova, at Porta San Genesio
12.30: Election of the Pumpkin Archduke according to Preding’s ancient ceremonial.
13.30: Pumpkin Competition award ceremony
14.30: Great medieval celebration.
You will live a day in the Middle Ages in the enchanted atmosphere of the old town centre which will be lightened by torches and crowded with ladies, knights and merchants. You will be delighted by medieval music and dances, jugglers, acrobats, fire-eaters and sword-swallowers.
18.00: Torches lighting
19.30: Closing show with jugglers and fire-eaters in the main square
20.00: Taverns close

During the medieval days pumpkin dishes, cakes, medieval wines and more specialities can be tasted both in the taverns or the stands present in streets and courtyards.

Pro Loco “Pro Venzone”
Via G. di Mels, 5/4 – 33010 VENZONE (UD)
Telephone and Fax +39 0432 985034
Email: festadellazucca@libero.it or provenzone@libero.it
Web: www.venzoneturismo.it

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How to get there

Find out how to reach Venzone by car or by train.
During the Pumpkin Festival’s days, special trains will be running thus allowing visitors to easily reach Venzone.



Enjoy every moment at the Pumpkin Festival and stay overnight in Venzone area, discover the closest hotels, farm holidays or B&Bs …


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