Pumpkin Festival

Festa della Zucca 2015 - Venzone

25° Edition: 21st and 22nd of October 2017

The Pumpkin Festival has a unique way to bring the ancient chronicles of the Land of Venzone to life. The first edition took place in 1991 almost by coincidence and since then it enlivens Venzone every year during  the fourth weekend of October.


How to get there

Find out how to reach Venzone by car or by train.
During the Pumpkin Festival’s days, special trains will be running thus allowing visitors to easily reach Venzone.


La Zucca d'Oro di Venzone

The Legend of the Golden Pumpkin

Once upon a time there was a noble town called Venzone. Many were the beautiful buildings and landmarks which the town owned, but the cathedral was the most beautiful among them all. To make it even more beautiful, a golden ball was commissioned to be set on the top of the cathedral’s belfry. But something went wrong, and the inhabitants found themselves looking at a big golden pumpkin falling apart from the top of the belfry.



Enjoy every moment at the Pumpkin Festival and stay overnight in Venzone area, discover the closest hotels, farm holidays or B&Bs …


Archivio fotografico Festa della Zucca - Venzone


All editions of the Pumpkin Festival described through your photos. Let’s recall together the most amazing moments of the medieval event that animates the ancient walled town of Venzone.

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