The territory of the Municipality of Venzone extends over about 10.000 hectares, most of which are inside the Prealpi Giulie Natural Park, and offers to visitors a large number of hiking trails suitable for beginners and experts.

Forests and mountains (with altitudes of almost 2000 m a.s.l.) around Venzone are rich in wild fauna and are one of the few natural areas in Italy where big carnivores still live: there are, in fact, 3 lynxes and 2 bears, together with different ungulates species, including 70 Alpine ibexes, 1.000 roe deers and 50 chamois.

In addition to the rivers Tagliamento and Venzonassa, the territory of Venzone is characterised by the karst springs of Pradulin (village of Portis), of Ledra (località Rivoli Bianchi) and of the small Lake of Pelas, in the small village of San Giacomo. In periods of ample rainfall, the slopes of the mountains around Venzone are animated by a large number of small waterfalls from mountain rivers. The largest waterfalls can be found in the villages of Portis (Rio Pissanda) and Carnia (Rio Barbar).

Simple and peaceful walks in the green through easily accessibile roads and paths, high mountain hikes, horse paths along the riverbank of the river Tagliamento, mountain-bike paths on the forest trails…

The following list includes all hiking trails of our territory.