Venzone is located on the east bank of river Tagliamento, on the ancient road once led to North; the favourable territory conformation of the valley made it become a mandatory transit point since the Celtic time (500 A.D.); this aspect will characterise its story until nowadays.
Walking through the historical centre it is still possible to notice the signs left from the different populations with its different cultures who conquered and lived in the small village, carefully and expertly restored after the tremendous earthquake in 1976, which devastated the Friuli region.

Declared “ideal village to live” from the European Community and the magazine Airone, Venzone is enriched by a unique territory and numerous vegetal and animal species living in the Natural Prealpi Giulie Regional Park. This is why it is a perfect destination for nature and outdoors living lovers.

The walled town is a theatre of a large number of events every year: cultural events like theatre representations, painting or other various artistic exhibitions; cooking, fashion and motor shows, festivals, sport competitions, etc…

An eventful timetable for adults and children, enhanced by the atmosphere you can breathe inside the historical centre, create a real “lounge in a walled village”.